♣️"FUCKN SEXY" subliminal [444 octillion affirmations]

btw this is one of my fav songs so hope yall enjoy ♥️
please dont let this flop i spent an all nighter for dis ????


"I think im in love?" ????
similar benefits to my crush sub but more detailed. so kind of like this:
"everyone legit spoils you everyone will protect you/side with you overall treated like royalty attract s/o , s/o has all your desired features, find your soulmate, your beauty is one of a kind, be the most beautiful and divine being to ever face the earth, attract crush, your always on your crush's mind, "(copy and pasted from my crush sub, but like i said these benefits are 20000x more powerful)
heres some more benefits !
people ship you can your crush/ s/o (desired), always have a perfect relationship and ZERO arguments, basically a power couple. Everyone that looks at your is starstruck by your beauty, attract desired genders, make people question their sexuallity, have millions of simps, people always fall to your feet, whenever you ask for something people fight to give it to you, never make mistakes in peoples eyes (ex. you can break glass but everyone will just be on your side about it and never make u feel guilty)

"body sculpted by the gods" ????
fucking sexy af bod, you know your body is sexy you dont need people to tell you, immune to stalkers/pedo's, ur everyones desired body, ur body goals, immune to making people feel insecure about their body, immune to YOU being insecure about your body, have ur desired body down to every detail +more

"your face is beyond this world" ????
desired face, be everyones desired face, immune to making people feel insecure, immune to yourself being insecure, have your desired nose/lips, good girl type eyes, doll lashes, people always compliment your face (in a non pedo way), you are in love with your own face

"safer then a lock" ♟
Immune to stalkers, pedos, cyber bullying, bullying, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and Asian fetishizing
save the earth, no global warming, world peace

+my trillion affirmation booster

????//. q and a

Q: Is this unisex?
A: yes

Q: calm ver?
A: i dont make calm versions for a simple reason: listening overnight. Most people think that you have to listen overnight to get results, but you dont.

Q: is this poc friendly?
A: yep!

Q: can i bundle this?
A: all my subs are safe to bundle

Q:can i req _____ ?
A: i only take paid reqs. dm my insta @iris.subs or my email iris.subliminals111@gmail.com

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