A Silent Voice |Full movie| (English subtitles)

Its genre is Romance/Drama

A Silent Voice is a Japanese anime feature, helmed by upcoming director Naoko Yamada, released in select American theaters Friday October 20th. It came in at number two at Japan’s box office its opening weekend. The film is similar to Your Name, a contemporary drama with a teenage male and female lead. . Naoko Yamada, only 32 years old, is one of the few female directors in Japan producing anime features and who many are touting as the next Hayao Miyazaki (Co-founder of Studio Ghibli).

A Silent Voice, based on the manga of the same title, is about how a 12 years old boy, Shoya, bullies a 12 years old girl, Shoko, who has a hearing disability. Once their older and in high school, Shoya confronts Shoko to make amends with her.

Yamada does a great job adapting the seven-volume manga into a 130-minute movie with excellent precision without harming the integrity of the story.
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