VICTORIA DEN BLEYKER; TikTok Influencer 1.8 mil, Rutgers ‘24 Student Douglass Rep, Media Mkt Speclst

VICTORIA DEN BLEYKER; TikTok Inflncr(1.8 mil) Rutgers ‘24 Student (Douglass) Rep, Media & Marketing Specialist, United Nations Volunteer
“A myriad of reasons to watch this interview… a #Rutgers FRESHMAN with 1.8 MILLION TikTok followers, journalism, film, marketing, media, acting, UN Brand Ambassador(YELD Kenya), gold award Girl Scout, multi-lingual, Rutgers Student Assembly, Environmental awareness, web design…..”

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Victoria Den Bleyker is a media marketing specialist with a strong background in foreign language, film, and journalism. She has a passion for activism and has been involved in volunteer efforts abroad. After earning her Spanish seal of biliteracy she chose to minor in Spanish in an effort to hold her language skills. She is a video editor and producer for United Nations volunteering in Kenya, and runs social accounts for a nonprofit youth mentorship program there. She’s an avid actor with a passion for public speaking and theater. She has been in 6 plays, 2 feature films and built a following of over 1.8 million people on TikTok from all over the world, all before the age of 16. Her viral videos range from comedic, to heartfelt, to educational. She has since leveraged this following into a platform for activism and sponsorships. She has a strong interest in journalism and has been published in Her Campus and My Corporation. Not only has she performed in front of the camera, she’s been behind the scenes too, in the web design industry and in video production. Now as a freshman in college, approaching her 20s her business savvy led her to establish her own social media marketing firm, where she specializes in web design, account management, photography, graphic design, email marketing, and search engine optimization. Victoria is accustomed to wearing many hats and wearing them well. Her ultimate goal is to be a well rounded Renaissance woman and a global citizen that takes effective altruism to a new level.
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