When sexy V-neck meets the patchwork lace , can collision give what kind of spark again? WY1058

Model Number: WY1058
Fabric No:24FS1221
Fabric composition : Cotton
Lining: None
Collar: V-neck
Front and back part :Center back with nonvisible zipper
Pocket :None
Waist : High waist
Occasion: Casual/Daily/Working/Party
Size: XS - 6XL.
1.To break depressing dress modelling, joining together design often becomes the first selection of stylist people, when sexy V-neck meets the patchwork lace and sequins, can collision give what kind of spark again?
2. The white lace design on the neckline covers the beautiful skin on the chest, which is mysterious and elegant. Layers of sequins outline the delicate collarbone, which is full of temptation behind the bright appearance. Long-sleeve modelling applies to slightly cool autumn likewise, loose fishtail design, elongated figure scale, highlight waist line, sexy S figure causes the envy of full court.
3. The African batik fabric forms a strong contrast with the white lace at the bottom, which is clearly layered and blended with each other. The embellished sequins and ankle-length skirt make every step of walking swaying without dragging.
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